8 December 2015


The fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion runway shows taking place in New york, Milan, Paris, London brought to us more than just the latest in wardrobes, shoes, handbags, prints and colors. The most awaited month of the year a.k.a the fashion month, December, is not just about hairstyles and makeup artistry that would rock the catwalk from this side of the globe to other.

Not too long, the existence of nail art would not have been considered as the “In-thing” at all. Here are some artistic creations on the nails. Who worried about nails? It was either single color or French. Then the stickers came out and changed things. Then came the fillings and the Asian manicurists became popular for their expertise with the funkiest creations that one could think of.

The following nail trends may inspire you to come up with the most statement making designs ever : 


Square nails might be favorites for many, but the rounded ones look more chic, sophisticated and down to earth. Add gorgeous colored lacquer to it, like shimmering blues and inky mahogany. And you get intriguiting combination of awesome and gorgeous nails.
The rounded nails are usually short to cut. The addition of black to the nails in an artistic way happened on mostly rounded nails with a brush of black across the lids. And the ladies would look as amazing as ever.


As big in the trend reports, short nails are in style. This look is for the working women who face chipped nails wherever they turn. So in order to keep the nails gorgeous with rest of the limbs and face, cut the nails short and add awesome colors, particularly blues. Nails can be pointed with dark lacaurte add the gorgeous look.


Not all nail polish applications are made to shine,sometimes they also go matte. Matte nails make an amazing look. The nails can be pointed with a matte lacquer without any shine and any other embellishments. Simplicity does rock, matte nail colors give a simplistic graphic nail design. The nails can be made incredibly gorgeous with grey and shiny swirl on matte background.


Metallic and jewel tones are gorgeous in general but when you add them to nails they appear as if you yourself are worth a million bucks, there is just something utterly alluring about wearing an emerald or sapphire color on those fingers. The colors of ruby and garnet red can be so inspiring that we can go through our day and enjoy our activities. The rich gold nail polish gives an overall classy look.


Red nail polish never really goes out of fashion. A color that is versatile and too classy. Those red hues in darker or lighter, pater and more dramatic palates appear from time to time. It may not be as common as some of the other trends, but this one color should never be underestimated particularly when we see matching nails and lipsticks.


 Romi Dutta is a music aficionado,pursuing her graduation in English from Shri Shikshayatan College.She is an avid traveller and a columnist for ExPRESS Magazine. Some of her other articles are :- 


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