3 December 2015


As we all know, “winter is coming”, Express has decided to come up with 10 College Outfit Ideas  for winter ( for the beautiful ladies out there).

This winter make Beanie and Boots your best friends, because, from chic, to edgy, to casual they will never disappoint you.

 1. When every Monday if you’re late for your classes all over again and then just pull over your sweatshirt, scarf, watch,favourite pair of blue denim, a beanie and your boots or your converse.
If you’re not fond of beanie, and have enough time then tie up your hair in top bun. Remember, because this look is too casual and a bit sporty make sure that your watch is a sport watch or the edgier one with a big dial and a leather belt (like the one in the image). If you’re going for a converse, go for a printed one, and there’s nothing cooler than chevron or galaxy printed shoes which is will forever be in vogue!!! If you can’t find one, be creative and grab your paint and brushes and go for a DIY (plenty of tutorials are already out there over the internet).

2. We all love denim, so why don’t we go all denim-y this winter?

You can pair up your favourite humble white top with either a denim jacket or a denim T-shirt. The choice is all yours. I have chosen a white boho sleeveless top and cropped ripped jeans with dark brown leather pumps . You need to be heavily accessorized, so go for a chevron neckpiece or the one with a triangular pendant and layered metal bracelets to complete the look. Oh! Don’t forget your trendy fringed brown backpack and fragile pretty bling wristlets.

 3. If you are bold, and love experimenting, then it’s a must for you to try this out. Mix and match your clothes to achieve a perfect edgy look. Go for an oversized shirt, cute tank top, slouchy beanie, Lennon sunglasses, printed boots (floral will be beyond amazing) cute multiple bracelets bands and a pocket watch pendant or your favourite necklace! If you want you can add up a leather belt over your over size shirt and tank top and loose huge curls to make it more chic.

” Cause I am the champion and you’re gonna hear me roar”-Katy Perry

4. Be the fighter girl with a soldier shabby green jacket accompanied by a humble white/gray/black T-shirt. Like me, if you’re obsessed with boots and leather, opt for a leather legging and calf length elevated brown/black boots  with a black scarf. Or if you’re a denim fanatic go for ripped boyfriend jeans and white converse with your favourite oversized watched.

5. If you wanna go formal this winter, give leather blazers a try, trust me, they are worth it. Nude is the colour for formal, so make sure your faux leather blazer is nude, white or beige. If you wanna go for a grunge look, then choose brown or black.  Pair up your blazer with a loose white top or a white frill top or a shirt and a pair of formal trousers, either pleated or high waisted the choice is yours. Get accessorized with a pretty nude handbag, watch, metal plated belt, over sized vintage sunglasses or cat eyed one with simple layered necklaces. For the shoes, opt for nude stilettos or flat bellies.

6. Sweater Weather look #1 is ideal for boring college days on a beautiful sunny winter mornings that deals with pretty geometric patterned over sized sweaters, black leggings, scarf, beanie and tribal/aztec printed boots and bags. Keep your accessories minimum with some rings and Lennon/vintage sunglasses.

7. If you are the kind of a person who loves to call herself geek, then, HEY!HEY! look what we have for you!! Get geeked up with some geeky specs, oversized black/gray cardigans, knee ripped black jeans and shabby oversized crop tops, oversized watches and laced up boots or calf length converse. As the look deals mostly with dark or shabby clothes add a pink beanie to avoid looking like a ’50 Shades Of Grey’ book cover.
Carry a leather bag pack or fringed sling back.

8. With an oversized T shirt, pull over the
sleeveless cardigan, calf length boots, colorful Aztec print legging, and a big sling bag to carry your books and gym clothes.
Accessories should be limited to a simple long necklace, watch and cute simple rings. I have made sure the necklace goes with the Aztec printed legging.

9. May be its winter. But, hey! Knee length oversized sweater with leather leggings and long hunter boots will cause no harm.
With the floral sweater and black scarf add a k-pop inspired beanie to add some cuteness to it.
Keep your accessories simple with a tumblr inspired crystal locket, a simple metal bracelet to add some bling  to your look, vintage glasses and a hobo sling come hand bag.

10. Go formal all over again with your favourite white cardigan, gray round necked tank top , black floppy hats, statement necklace,and if possible a watch and your favourite faux leather sling bag. 


Anuska Gupta, from St.Xavier’s College, Department of MassCom and Videography, 1st year is a fashion frenzie and manages our fashion column ! 

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