8 December 2015

The 3rd Great Genocide

       One of the saddest moments in history is the renaming of The Great War into War World I. It is a proof of how millions of death and untold destruction failed to show Mankind the error of its ways. 

Germany was made the scape goat of the War and seething with rage he was bound to strike back eventually. Then rose a Silver-tongued strategist who singlehandedly shook of Germanys shroud. Adolf Hitler was a brilliant man in many ways but his acts of mass genocide and world dominance forever tainted his own name, country and The Butterfly moustache in the history of the world. This time the stakes were higher as a race was on between the two leagues to create a Nuclear Bomb. For the first time ever human beings were capable of a weapon for annihilation. The war ended with Japan surrendering to The United States. Disregarding the end of the war The United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 6 1945. The two bombings, which killed at least 129,000 people, remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in history. This show of brute force by the States went unchecked. Now on the brink of the 3rd World War each country in the world has stockpiled their own arsenal of nuclear weapons. The Middle East and North Korea have already declared that they own a large array of black market nukes. This |War will be the shortest and the most brutal. People will die by the millions; those who will survive will envy the dead.  Learning what we can from post-apocalyptic Video Games and Movies ( remember this years dark horse for the academy awards? MAD MAX : FURY ROAD? ) the future doesn’t look very promising. God will not cause the apocalypse, We will.

Future Generations will look upon us and say “Where were you when the world was Dying?” 

Still from the movie "THOR"

How we thought the World would look like.

Still from the movie "Elysium"
How the World will actually look like.

Our scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could they naught considered whether they SHOULD. Maybe this is the tragic reality of mankind. Maybe we aren’t meant live peacefully. In this age and day Peace is achieved only through violence. Contradictory isn’t it?  Maybe there a greater plan in motion here, one where the role of humanity is nigh the end. In the End the Cancer of Mother Earth will slaughter each other and Nature will prevail. 


Swagato Basak is a first year B.com student from Bhawanipore Education Society college.When he is not poring over his huge pile of books he prefers to read,write and photograph the grand event called Life.  
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