5 December 2015

Say NO to Animal Sacrifice

"The clearest way into the universe is through wilderness "
"The clearest way into the universe is through wilderness "

However, man has almost lost his humanity to this world for allowing such infidelity towards his four legged friends.  Animals are called a race of less intelligence than humans, however we are running towards proving it wrong.  Among the many festivals which men enjoy by torturing innocent life, here are the most prominent ones-

  • The Yulin dog meat eating festival :

The dog meat eating festival is an annual celebration held in yulin, Guangxi, China during the summer solstice. About 10,000-15,000 dogs fall prey to humans. Even though dogs are called a man's best friend, the people of Yulin devour them without a second thought with no regard of the hypocrisy they are subjecting themselves to.

  • The Pamplona bull run, Spain :

Traditionally celebrated in Spain, Portugal and some cities of Mexico and Southern France, this famous festival involves the practice of running in front of a herd of bulls set loose in the streets.the bulls gore and trample one another while a huge audience cheere on the scene of death in front of them.

  • Kots Koal Pato,  Mexico :

Every year the localites in the Yucatan city of Citlicum, celebrate a festival called kots koal pato, in which live animals are put in pinatas and then bashed to death. It is an ultimate example of cruelty towards animals. At the end of the celebration after all the animals are dead, a goose is sacrificed in an equally barbaric way. The bird is tied up by the legs with its head hanging down and contestants have to jump and rip off its head.

  • Toro De La Vaga, Spain :

Toro De La Vaga is celebrated in Tordesillas, Spain. The contestants of this tournament lead bulls into an open field and then try to lance them to death. The festival has deservingly recieved a large number of protestants who denounce such cruelty and speak justice. It also includes fighting among bulls,  hunting or chasing them and in all final killing them.

  • Grindadrap, Faroe Islands :

In Grindadrap,  hunting and slaughtering of pilot whales is being practiced.  They are killed annually. The hunts are organised on a community level and anyone with a training certificate with a spinal cord lnce can participate.  It is a terrible sight as these innocent water creatures are mercilessly hunted down just for the sake of a game.people ae removed from that area and then the hunt tkes place. The hunters first surround the whale with a circle of boats and drive the whale into the bay. Slaughter takes place only on certified bays.

  • Toro Jubilo,Spain : 

In this grotesque festival,  a terrified bull writhes and bucks as flames lick around its head a moment after it is set on fire... Just for the entertainment of a crowd. A barbaric festival with no respect or sympathy for bulls, as they face an immensely painful death.  It is a sickening sight and thought of torturing animals.  Fires are lit using paraffin on its head and it is the most 'entertaining' moment of the festival.  the bull makes desperate attempts to free itself and extinguish the flames but fails.

Animals are creatures to be loved and cherished, not slaughtered for the sadistic joy of a few barbaric men who have lost their heads. We should protect the poor Animals who find themselves unluckily facing the wrath of such people and raise our voices for their well being. 

About the author :- 

Shoheli Chatterjee has a great love for books and literature.  Her other interests lie in music and painting. She is pursuing English honours at Shri Shikshaytan college,  Kolkata and is a columnist for ExPRESS Magazine. Some of her other articles being :-


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