4 December 2015

Things that you will learn after your first semester in college

So here you are. After braving through college applications, entrances, interviews, letters,

emails, scores and lists – you’ve found your college. Now, here are the few things that you will learn after your first semester in college:

College is a whole new world. You will not just find new and different kind of people surrounding you but you will also realize that YOU as a human being – feel new. You are open to growth, ideas and changes. You are in a new environment. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in the same city as you were in before, the world will seem like a different place altogether.

  • The first few days maybe intimidating. You may feel like you need to be perfect and you may even feel like your classmates have their lives stitched up well and they know it all. That no one else is nervous or scared about their choices, their words or their actions. Well, you’re wrong. Go a bit easy on yourself. The girl who sits infront of you, is as clueless about the way to the girl’s room as you are on the first day of college.

  • It is silly to compare school teachers and professors. Though their profession is the same, i.e. teaching YOU, they are different in more ways than one. You will forever be the little kid who grew up to be the wonderful person you are now – to your teachers. But to your professors, you are a responsible young adult with an intellect of you own. You are no longer expected to limit your thoughts and conversations because you are of a certain age. You are allowed to put forward your opinions and back them with logic. Much against the stereotypes, your professors are the ones who will make you feel at home throughout your first semester in college.

  • You are older and the world expects you to not just act but BE a more responsible person. Starting from taking care of your habits, money and your academics, the world will make it clear that it is all in your hands. Gone are the days when a teacher will remind you about your assignment. Your professor will set the deadline and if you don’t meet it, its your fault. 

  • You will meet a new variety of young human beings of your age. And you will realize that some are so different that you could not have imagined that such human beings exist outside of the cinema screen or the pages of a book. If you get lucky, you will find your gang and realize no matter how much you people screw up, these people will stay by you – for better or for worse.

  • Only three to four people from school will stay in touch with you. And no one is to blame in this scenario. Some will move out of town whereas some will stay in town but will get busy with their new lives and new friends. Here’s where the magic lies – you can go back to them whenever. Just a phone call or a message will do the trick. This isn’t forgetting the people who meant the world to you – this is just adjusting to a new life.

  • This is a fun fact. I salute you if you remember everything that happened on the night of your fresher’s party.

  • Another fun fact – unless you have an atrocious luck, your seniors will be few of the most amazing people you will have met in college. They will know more and help you as much as they can and at the same time – they will teach you the trick to attend concerts two nights before your semester examinations and still pass in your majors.

  • You will face a brutal truth. Now, I don’t know which one exactly as there are many brutal truths we face throughout our life. But you will face it and with time, you will realize that more than brutal, such truths liberate you from toxicity. It won’t be an easy ride but you will learn from it. I promise you that!

  • You will not even realize when and how the first semester will pass by. Not because you will have amazing company and an amazing environment – but because College will make you fall head over heels in love with who you are. Your nuances included!


Priyadarshini Mukherjee from St.Xaviers college Kolkata is a dance enthusiast and a theater geek . She is a columnist for ExPRESS Magazine and is completing her graduation is Mass Communication and Videography. 

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