4 December 2015


Donning up everyday for those impeccable gorgeous avatars is much easier said than done. But with all our busy schedules,the bad hair days and the turmoil of choosing a trend over the other,making all the right noises becomes an unattainable goal.Whether one is planning to do an avante-garde or pull off a retro look,few slip-ups here and there can ruin it all. Express magazine offers you few simple fashion hacks that might just save your day! 

1. When the shirts get wrinkly and you just don't have time!

  • Grab a spray botlle and fill it with clean water. Spray the shirt,stretch it and the wrinkles should go away.

2.Shrunk your clothes while doing laundry?

  • Soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for about 5 minutes,allow it to dry,and the clothes should return to normal size.

3.Got holes/small runs on that favourite denim?

  • Paint the edges of the rip with clear nail polish and this will keep it from getting bigger.

4.The bra straps won't stop budging?

  • Use a paper clip to keep your bra straps from peeking out of your tank tops.

5.That zipper got jammed in the middle of nowhere?

  • Rubbing a lip balm or a pencil graphite will temporarily mend it.

6. Turn a pair of tights or leggings into a crop top but cutting a small circle or a triangle(depending on the shape of the neckline you want) on the crotch of the leggings.

7. Ink stains! Again?

  • Dab some alcohol or hand sanitiser and then wash it with soap or water.

8.Will those pants fit? No dressing room? Not a problem!

  • Wrap the waist of the pant around your neck(make sure the sides don't overlap but meet perfectly) to make sure it fits perfectly.

9. Had a great date?  Lipstick on your clothes ? 

  • Get them off  with a wiper or a hairspray.

10. Gum on your garment? 

  • Remove gum from clothing with an ice cube. Cooling the gum down for about a minute makes it hard and brittle. Then you can just peel it off!

Now get ready to flaunt your unruffled charisma girl! 


Sohini Bhattacharya is a fashion diva, a bibliophile and a movie lover! Completing her graduation in English from Asutosh college, Kolkata, Sohini manages the fashion column in ExPRESS Magazine!