12 December 2015

Doves on a Sandy Shore

There is no sea here. Nor is there a shore. The inhabitants of the grungy world, refuse envision of its shreds of rags, bits of plastic and human flesh as the sandy shore of the sea.

Where is the sea?

Maybe the tired eyes that blink soot when they wake, imagine the smoke to be blue sea mist. Maybe the shower of sparks on anvils sound like waves breaking to them.
Is there a future? A hope, a dream?

Maybe there is, in the heart of that girl who smiles at her brother when she returns from the dump, covered in grime.
A smile of happiness to have found a tattered alphabet book. Maybe they can learn from it after their parents sleep.

They are like doves on this shore of degradation. Pure, unblemished. They know hunger. They know misery. Yet, they are untouched by pain.They live each day in hope. They dream of the sea. Like the picture on the book she scavenged. 

   Two Doves on a Sandy Shore.


Antarleena Saha is a bibliophile, who is completing her graduation in English from Presidency University, Kolkata. This columnist for ExPRESS MAGAZINE has a passion for photography and travelling.

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