29 December 2015


Laughing , giggling cradling in the pram,

She peered through the eyes those spark .

Yet no words of joy were mentioned ,

Just a girl ---- that's why such apprehension ?

In Her little mind , She wished upon a little star 

In a land away far ,

To have a life like in a fairytale,

And there'll be nothing dark and pale.

No need of school , no need of books,

Why disburse on Her , who'll ultimately cook?

Stories of bride, customs those blind ,

''Freedom'' , She chanted in Her mind.

How Her deepest expressions were hidden so well,

From the wicked gape of unenlightenment .

On Her wedding night, leaving all behind

Realising her responsibility -- She bore the stories of plight .

Slowly She encountered the life of a wife ,

Presenting sheer happiness through another life .

Wiping away Her tears ,invisible as air ,

She learnt to live and give in to life ,so unfair .

"For the good of my family", She mourned 

And with the passing years it helped Her soul to grow.

She has built herself as strong as her heart

Which beats with a feel of empowerment , setting Her apart.

Perceiving the many flavours of life ,

She has grown immune to the precarious strifes .

Bringing up Her inside warrior, day by day 

No longer She agrees to be anyone's prey.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes ,

 She has risen from a life , heaped on with trashes .

With a fading beauty and a stretch of wrinkles ,

She tells many a tale with Her eyes, those still Sparkle.

The many difficult paths She has followed ,

Which were way more difficult for others to swallow.

It's time for Her to embark on a new path,

It's for sure, with emanating inner beauty She wins over the wraths .

The Empowered Woman , now walks in search of Her heavenly abode,

Where she'll live 'Her Life' of creation , without a twinge of hesitation .


 Shreya Basak, first year student pursuing Journalism and Mass communication in Shri Shikshayatan College . Dance is her passion and life is a stage to her 

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