14 January 2016

"The smartest thing a woman can learn is to never need a man" - REALLY?

'Gender equality' is the oft quoted issue conversed by the youth . Lately, there has been serious incentives to raise the status of women in the society, but the goal for the betterment of women does not come with negligence and denial of the other gender. Both the genders have strengths, capabilities and equal contributions to be made to the society. There has always been an interdependence between the two, which cannot be ever denied, no matter what. No, I do not intend to proceed with an article debating the interdependence of male and female, but  what took my attention few days back, on a serious note, was the statement  made by the international pop star, Demi Lovato, who stated:

" The smartest thing a woman can learn is to never need a man ".


This statement has invited innumerable controversies and clashes of opinions! Though that's just another mere statement with 'not-so-mere' outcome . My news-feed was filled with this post being shared by girls and to my amazement , with a 'swagger' implication.

To them, who captioned this post as 'Resolution of 2K16', 'This is extremely true' etc, I feel pity for your misfortune that you never got the love and companionship of a Father, Brother, Male friend, Grandfather, an Uncle and a distant Male relative (I think those define men too! )

Or, probably you just forgot about them, while being busy in categorizing 'men' as only those who helped you in achieving an unsuccessful relationship. No, women won't be the same without men. In fact, point out one woman who has/had no men in her life .

Let me assume, yes there might be women ( or have been) who have made it till the end without any man , but the truth lies in the fact which I am pretty much sure of, is that they must have faced some serious (literally serious) kind of tragedy in life which has made them stand on such a view point . This was all an instance . My dear friends, how many of you have even remotely faced 'such a tragedy' which makes you boast about this post ?

On one hand you struggle with your parents to change the definition of boy- girl relationships but on the other hand you jump aboard the 'hype train' when you see such posts on the social media and believe that a pseudo inspirational quote can empower women and make them independent of men . Tomorrow you will be the same woman to find someone whom you thought you never needed and viola! He becomes the 'Man of your Life'.

You think men's absence in your life will cease your troubles? Pity, you do not even realise what major emotions and fun you would have missed out on . Imagine a life without a father ? What about those times when you fill your Facebook and Instagram with Raksha Bandhan gifts? (that's also because of men right? ) Yes there are reasons why we need men! Let's not talk of sex, let that reason be implied . Today you wouldn't have been here as well!

Equality of gender just cannot be brought about through an array of posts, messages, pictures, graphics etc . It ceases the very moment, you demean one sex letting them know you don't need them . If you think you can wipe out 'The men' (mind it, I do not categorize men in the archaic sense ) of your life, go ahead and first prove that . Do it, go ahead .

To conclude, that was the most not so-smart idea an international popstar could bring forth . Men are needed. Men are fun. In fact men and women acknowledging each other, is more fun.


 Shreya Basak, first year student pursuing Journalism and Mass communication in Shri Shikshayatan College . Dance is her passion and life is a stage to her.

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