1 May 2016


“India was known as the golden sparrow. We had the largest reserves of gold in the whole world.
India was like an eagle soaring high in the wide open sky and the shine of whose glory and grandeur spread like the sunshine, through out the world. We have a rich cultural heritage and are the largest
democracy in the world.”- elders to their young ones.

“What the hell ? What do we have here? Nothing. not proper transport facility, neither proper medical facilities throughout the country, there is so much poverty. There is so much garbage and dirt all around, it stinks so much, I wish I was born in some other place. Just look at Australia, New York, China, London, even Indonesia and Thailand are more developed than us. Our fates are just burned. What will happen to our country, only God knows.”- when the same elders talk among themselves , so called wise talk.

How do we define being healthy? If we go by books, it’s the state of being mentally physically and socially sound.

So are these people healthy? Yes of course, thy are no doubt their medical reports will be okay, but
what about their moral report? How can you call yourself mentally sound when you don’t respect your own country, when your minds think so cheap about the country you are born in , your so called motherland. And you call yourself healthy…..

Most Indians are sick. Not by the literal meaning of the term, they are sick from their minds. When you yourself cannot respect your country how can we expect others to respect our country. If someone speaks ill about your family, you feel bad, but if they speak about your country , instead of opposing, you join them in mocking your country.

This is what I want to highlight. The reason why most Indians speak ill about their own country is the mentality. If we look into our political system, our politicians are more interested in playing blame games in the parliament than work for the betterment of the country. No other parliament in the world is there where politicians howl and yell like ill mannered hooligans and if possible strip each other with their words. And this blame game seems to be in the blood of every Indian. We often say Britishers looted us and ruined our economy but we never see what our failure is. This is where blame game starts. Indians are too adamant to accept their own mistake. If a student gets caught cheating, he blames his friend for same, if a political party is unable to fulfill a promise to the mass, they blame the opposition for delay in the work, when a party worker gets hurt, instead of taking him to hospital they start attacking the opposition for revenge blaming them.

This is what is wrong with the Indians. We need to change our mentality, take responsibility for our own deeds and act accordingly. We just cannot sit and criticize others and do nothing. we need to work if we need we need to change situation,just blaming the government and cursing our fate wont work. Actually the people are comfortable enough to sit in their houses and ridicule the system rather than coming out in the open and fighting for our rights. We are not willing to work for our betterment we just enjoy sitting idle and criticizing others. Might be the Britishers did loot us, but they introduced some good measures too, which yet again we refuse to accept. This is what we need to change, our attitude, our mentality.

We are talking of so many government reforms like “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan” and “Clean India campaign” but the thing is are we doing it whole heartedly? Just cleaning the streets one day when you will get recorded on television doesn’t really serve the purpose of CLEAN INDIA. Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started this campaign that he would walk upon the steps of Gandhiji and fulfill his desire of clean India. He got various celebrities into the campaign . But what about the general people? As I said mentality is all that we need to change-“another try by Modi to seek votes.” That is the mass reaction.

It also seems that the 200 years of British rule has introduced a gene into the Indian blood, which
gives them the ability of underestimate themselves and overestimate others and praise others while rebuke ourselves. The greatest example of it is our national anthem, which doesnot praise the
country but the british overlord or the queen of England. Same is case with the Indians. They like
rebuking their own country in front of the foreigners just to show their supremacy and gain their good looks and well wishes. Again mentality has to change.

We talk so much of brain drain theory, and blame the government and foreigners for the brain drain of India's but if the Indians would have been not willing to go and help in country development they could not have been taken out of their beloved country.

I hope we all know of “Make in India” campaign. But how many of us have supported it? We prefer
foreign brands, high quality, better goods, yet if an Indian company gives the same product of semi-quality at a lower price, our reaction-“its an Indian company, no brand might be defective, I should
go for the branded product.” So if you cannot help in your country’s growth yet you want to hold the right to ridicule it and say “nothing can happen to India. This country is gone.

Again this is where our mentality has to change. Thus my final opinion is CHANGE.

Change your mentality and that will change your fate.

AUTHOR : Anurag Sengupta 

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