30 May 2016

The Edutainment Show 2016

Although I wasn't quite intrigued about The Edutainment Show, 2016 being held at the Park Hotel on the 11th of May, an invitation from a very dear senior of mine was enough to convince me to drop down at this very interesting Edu-Fair which was a zesty cocktail of education and entertainment like the name suggests. Much like other educational meets in town, this one was no different, where emerging educational institutions like NICC, Bengaluru and Future Foundation group had laid down their camps to debrief the soon-to-be college goers about their institutions. From Mass Media to Fashion technology the event covered a wide range of such organisations with their expertise in diverse fields. I had a fairly nice time interacting with a personnel from The Future Foundation Group, who gave me a briefing about their outlook towards 21st century education and how it should be molded so as to train their students with a certain diction which would place them a step ahead of their competitors.

The Entrepreneurship meet was one of the highlights of the day, and that is where my attention was. Aleksandra Rotar, the director of NICC, Bengaluru, an institution catering to designing and mass media, who spoke about "Your Empowerment to design" had some very inspirational quotes for the design enthusiasts. According to her, a perfect design student is one who can think out of the box, and it is a stream which is very individualistic, where you are supposed to carve out your own path. Since design is a field, where you can get established from a very young age, one has ample scope to be successful in it, if the efforts put in are sufficient. Mona Sengupta, the founder of Ahava Communications, spoke on "merging creativity with entrepreneurship". Her message was simple, bring your creativity to such a point from where you can easily turn it into a business. She reiterated the common ideas people have regarding the entrepreneurship sector in her own friendly way, which was all very good.

The most important highlight of the day was a panel meet conducted by some of the leading entrepreneurs in town, who have exploited the benefits of social media, and have been doing wonderfully till this point. Quite subtle to this issue, their topic was "Social Media to business". The panel was moderated by Anirban Saha, founder of Kolkata Bloggers, and arguably the face of Blogging in town. Panelists included :-

Soumya Mukherji, Co-founder of Mad About Drama, a leading National performing arts company.

Abhishek Bajaj, Founder of Zeroinfy.com, which provides educational videos through the cyber-space.

Rimbik Das, Founder of The Indian Artist, a relatively younger digital graphics service provider which has been doing spectacularly well all over the city. Their clientele include jewellery giants, P.C Chandra jewellers, Kolkata Book Fair to name a few.

Tanmay Mukherji, Author and Founder of BongPen, an independent, blogging site which caters to social issues, witty humour, and as the man emphasizes, food, especially Biriyani.

Their approach to their craft has been the pivotal point of their success, and keeping other things to the side, their main emphasis throughout their journey has been their focus to improve the quality of their craft. Regardless of social media usage, they all unanimously share the belief that unless your craft has the mettle, no amount of PR machinery can turn it into a profitable venture. Nonetheless, no matter how good you are with your own craft, there are certain aspects where you need to focus too, one of them being social media marketing. Being tech-savvy gives you a headstart over your competitors, and with the right amount of marketing, your establishment will gain a strong ground. Some of them are quite popular themselves, and this popularity-frenzy is what drives some of the youngsters these days. But that is not the right motivation one should have, and the panelists emphasized over these quite specifically. Popularizing your brand through the right process should be the first task, your own popularity will come in the process. At the end of the day although the message to the budding entrepreneurs was clear: focus on your content, make sure it is unique and not the same old wine served in a new bottle. Grow bigger by improving your product, social media is that bridge which leads you to the business sector.

Anubhav Chakraborty

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