22 May 2016

The Significance of 'Bae''

What does Bae mean?, 'curiosity made me type into the search box. So there was our very own Google, like that elder with an encyclopedia like brain giving me the most ironic Danish root of the word. In that moment of hilarious awe I opted to make three petty letters count for me, more than worth it does to the masses already. So here I am bag and baggage! Based on that moment of trivial intrigue born decision, trying to word out 'What does Bae mean (to me)?' To my over functioning mind having a mind of its own, Bae has a saphiosexual sort of existence. It's a beautiful acronym really, so why waste it on the limits of a specific someone, or a love interest or a certain someone who you deem is closest to you? Let's spread it out. So yes Bae to me, is someone who inspires in the simplest ways that others could overlook, someone who just knows the twists and intricate bends of my mind as well and attempts to build something out of it. That one person whose patience exceeds expectations when I am to be pursued to rediscover my abilities and fetch new ones too, in the process lending me some of the poise and confidence that is a part of the person's own existence. My mind could be an attic, or a mess of tangled strings , yet this 'someone' knows just what to cram into the attic and which strings to pull so that I get pushed off the limit and thrown out of balance forced to find a new footing.

Comfort zone is a beautiful place, really but nothing ever grows in there so this someone is the one who feeds me enough encouragement just like insulin to a diabetic, so that I could go do some of my cultivation of ideas elsewhere, where it flourishes. Someone who laughs when I fall and blimey laughs way too hard on it, makes jokes out of my weird, clumsy presence and cleans up all the mess at the same instant. Someone that keeps up with my though production rate , someone I look up too and someone whose intelligence drives me to work harder so that I can be in the league taking up challenges casually thrown as I go. Someone I look up too, and yet intimidating enough to pull the plug where needed. That someone is my Bae - before anyone else in the truest sense of the term. Thus here I conclude, for to rattle on too much is to bore you for even longer, just note before I leave you with my definition of Bae, is that I always use "that someone" and no gender defining pronoun because again Bae is Bae, sort of like a piece of your own soul improved and put into someone else why bind it in the genders of man?

Article by :- Rinita Das.

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