6 May 2016

Saffron terror hits Jadavpur University

A massive unrest is in place in the Jadavpur University campus right now, between the J.U students and the ABVP and RSS activists led by Rupa Ganguly who are forcibly trying to enter the campus, according to A.N.I! The situation arose due to the scuffle that broke off between the students and ABVP activists due to the protest regarding Vivek Agnihotri's film "Buddha in a traffic jam" starring Anupam Kher. The latter was unable to mark his presence at the campus due to some health problems but Agnihotri managed to be there at the screening! The two aforementioned film-makers are public supporters of BJP and their policies, while this movie reportedly promotes the loot of the Jai-Jangal-Jameen of this country, in the garb of patriotism and nationalism.

Earlier in the day when Agnihotri along with his political supporters reached the campus, they were gheraoed and greeted with black placards from the students of J.U who organised a protest asking him to go back. The film was screened nonetheless. Four outsiders are reportedly detained in the campus, who are accused of assaulting and molesting the campus students, while the rest of the students are still leading an unrest refusing the Rupa Ganguly led Abvp activists from coming into the campus.

J.N.U, Hyderabad University, P.F.T.I, and now J.U (twice), makes you wonder at the utter disregard of democratic principles by the accused party, and the position of a democratic campus and dissent under their rule. Hiding behind the facade of "cultural morality", we wonder whether this is really "patriotism" or fascism at play. You can't dominate us. The protest will go on. Rise against the brute exercise of force.


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