17 May 2016

When in Doubt, Wear Denim.

Nothing to wear? Too lazy to dress up? Running late? Special dates? Meetings? Trips? Functions? Broke?

Just put on your denims and conquer the world!

Denims stick by your side through thick and thin!

It’s a fashion must!

It is something that will never, ever go out of style!

While we all are grumbling endlessly about how sunny it is, let’s all be honest, that dressing up for the spring/summer does give us an excuse to rapture! Otherwise, when will we exhibit those enviable pastel shades, polkas, flower prints, stripes, black & whites and, above all, the super-rugged, tattered denims!

If not NOW?! Then WHEN?!

I’m sure that all of us have atleast one or okay maybe more denim clothing in our wardrobe that we absolutely cannot do without. It is something that is always in vogue.

Jeans (denims) are my go-to wardrobe essential, whether I’m heading to a mall, to college, for lunch, movies, a coffee date or even parties!

Denims have the power to dial down a fancy look and when styled right can be the answer to a trendy, quick look, anyday.

One could also raid their mother’s closet for an old school yet trendy pair of denims and mix-match for a completely different dapper look!

I feel a denim shirt is an essential item for every girl. We could pair it up with high waist pants, tattered denims, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight fit skirts, shorts or a flared skirt and what not!

Denims are a girl’s bestfriend, isn’t it?

Also, denim shirt dresses have that lovely genre element that I just can’t get enough of.

Most of us own a denim jacket and when it comes to pairing it, the classic way is to pair it with a white or a coloured tee inside. It is indeed, a guaranteed winner and my personal favorite when it comes to casual dressing.

And casual ofcourse, doesn’t mean boring!

So don’t forget to exalt your outfit with funky accessories. Throw on a pair of sunnies for the day and for night swap them with earings or a cuff with sports shoes, heels or maybe even slippers.  Keep it young without trying too hard.

Easy does it all!

So you can have the most simple yet modish look in minutes!

Not to forget something one can never outgrow, it is the dungaree. The most vintage attire and is in vogue especially when the dungaree in question is a denim one, then how can one take their eyes off of it.

More recently, celebrities including, notably, David Beckham have made a surprising success of the double denim look.

Bollywood divas like Kangana Ranaut , Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor have also incorporated this trend and looked chic with their impeccable sense of fashion.

So don’t be afraid to pair a denim on denim. Denim overalls paired with roll-necktees make a great attire. Also, keep in mind to combine different shades of denim together (a darker and lighter tone denim) for a funky, sassy look.


So without any doubt, 1970s trends are back in our lives in full swing!

Here is a bevy of my favorite celebrities that recently rocked looks both casual, formal, sporty and most of all stylish as ever –

    Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez’s latest looks have brought back the ‘60s denim style.

    Flared denims and bell bottoms with volume are totally in vogue. She carries them smartly with a causal tee and a black crop jacket. Praiseworthy.
    An A-line straight fit denim skirt with a plain white spaghetti top. And what really increased the feminine level was the scarf she adorned.

      She puts her fashion foot forward like a boss!

      OH! And look at her captivating smile!

    Prachi Desai

   (Styled by: Sanjana Batra)


          Prachi Desai looks super fresh during ‘Azhar’ promotions.

    Looks elegant in the H&M separates: a flared denim skirt and a striped top.

       That’s how one beats the heat this summer! Love the entire assemble!

    Alia Bhatt

      Alia Bhatt’s teenage queen look has left us stumped.

    Flaunts tattered jeans sportingly with stripes. Pointed toe pumps and a pretty pink tint on the lips add some serious cool point to her style.

       Sporty chic is always in!

So what are you waiting for?

Go grab your denims and experiment for the most stylish look!

Fall in love with your denims!

Because playing with denims is a routine!!

About The Author


SONALI PAMNANI is a Journalism student and a keen fashion enthusiast. Her aim is to blend fashion trends and update them in her own personal style and dressings.

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