31 March 2016



By Sophie McKenzie

Sophie McKenzie

A murder, a suicide, a killer, a best friend, a lost piece of faith, when all these  things get allied to Livy Jackson’s subsistence, all opinions she had about the world suddenly revolutionize. 

 Livy Jackson is just another middling European homemaker. Oops did I say is? Sorry, it should be she ‘was’ another run of the mill European homemaker until she found her husband Will Jackson cheating on her. Six years ago her life turned upside down. Conversely it was not that she had not confronted calamity before. During her college years she lost her exquisite, gullible, flaxen sister. No, no I don’t mean that Kara, Livy’s sister, died a natural death. She was raped viciously with a knife and then stabbed to death. This murder left Livy stunned. However by hook or by crook she muddled through to calm herself when Julia came into her life. Julia and Kara used to be best friends but after Kara’s death Livy and Julia got tied to each other. They shared the same grief, they shared the same sentiment and they even shared the same antagonism. For eighteen years they remained the closest friends and then Julia committed suicide. Livy saw red. She could not understand what had made the madcap, fun-loving friend of hers attain eternal peace. She just could not absorb the fact that Julia had committed suicide and with the help of Julia’s lover she plunges head first into a situation from where there’s no looking back. As the story goes on Livy Jackson finds out how true the quote from Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice is, “……..O what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

Did Julia seriously kill herself or was it a cover for a murder? If a murder, who killed Julia? What was Julia hiding from Livy? Were they really best friends? Who could Livy trust now? To find the answer to all these questions one must read the book “Trust in me”.
Publisher- Simon & Schuster        

Price- Rs 299                                                    


 Rupkatha Mitra.is a student of Calcutta Girls' High School, Class X. Reading books, day-dreaming, speaking her mind through her writings are the only things she enjoys doing. She is also the youngest writer at Express Magazine!

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