28 March 2016

Meet the A-Team

Are you a dancer or someone who appreciates or enjoys a good dance performance? If yes, you HAVE TO read further. 

Just recently, I happened to interview this brilliant dancer from my college who, along with his team has been stepping the stones of success for years now. Meet Alexander Joseph and his dance crew, The A-Team. Now, if you are from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata; this name is not new to you. The A Team has been making us Xaverians proud with their exuberant performances. They have been the winners of most dance based events in college and well, that’s not it. Having students from St. Xavier’s only, they have also taken part in national level championships and risen to fame.

The very talented Alexander Joseph

In an interview with Alexander, I managed to ask him a number of questions about himself, his team and their further plans. For Alexander, dance is his way to channelize his emotions. What he feels, he expresses it on the stage. For him, dance is not just an art but a form of living,

⦁ How was the team formed?

- Basically, when I joined the team, the name was ‘Team A’ because there were a lot of western dance teams already. After that, we actually started working really hard and people came to know about us. That is when we changed our name to ‘The A-Team’ and then we took over, one step after the other. The team was formed in 2012.

⦁ What are your most memorable achievements?

The A-Team at Spring Fest, I.I.T Kharagpur

- We started with college events and once we were successful, we felt a lot more confident and took ourselves to the national level. We were runners up in the 2014 Hip Hop International, India Finals in the Mega crew division. That was a very big achievement for us. Apart from this, we have also taken part in the IIT Kharagpur fest in 2013, 2014 and 2016 where we secured the 2nd and 1st positions respectively.

⦁ Why don't you shed some light about the members?

The A-Team in one frame

-  A-Team was originally founded by Sagar Sharma and Ananya Chatterjee. It was taken over by Vincent Sammy Gomes, Ahaana Mahanti, Arjama Das Gupta, Raj Mathur, Debjyoti Saha, Zoe Dominique Subbiah, Rohit Nitin Kispotta and me. Arjama left college the previous year and this time it is our turn. The crew will now be headed by Raghav Nevatia. The rest of the crew members include Roshni Banerjee, Udisha Agarwal, Sunandrita Chatterjee, Gairik Dutta Paul, Reuben Lama, Mohit Daga, Suny Minj, Tanmoy Das and Prakash Ganpat, the team’s manager.

⦁ What's the genre that you like to follow the most?

-  Our team is essentially a Hip Hop crew, but everyone puts in their own moves and styles. We follow the urban dance style.

Alexander Joseph at one of his workshops

⦁ What in your opinion makes your team stand out from the rest?

-  I believe we have an out of the box thinking. When it comes to our performances, we do not use the same theme twice. Our ability to come up with novel themes is what makes us different. And sure if you were to follow our Facebook page, you would find it in our bio!

 ‘...we live our moves and in doing so, leave a bit of our volcanic energy for the crowd to feel and remember!’

⦁ You, along with the other core members, are leaving college. Would you come back again to preside over the upcoming auditions and participating in the upcoming fests?

- That’s hard to say. I’m moving out of town so if I am present here at the time the auditions and the fests take place, I’d surely be a part of it. I have been in this crew since the past 4 years and never missed even a single performance and took part in some 41 performances!

The A-Team in action

⦁ Which upcoming fest is The A-Team looking forward to?

-  The team, being headed by Raghav will now hopefully be taking part in the Hip Hop Internationals, which will take place in Goa by the end of May this year. I really hope that we bag the trophy this time!

It was really fun interviewing Alexander and interacting with his team. You can follow the A-Team on their Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/The-A-Team-1410845089182271/?fref=ts , and most certainly subscribe to their YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSammybboy to stay updated about this brilliant dance troupe!

The A-Team is an unstoppable force which has never, till date, failed to mesmerize their audiences with their fantastic moves. Express wishes The A-Team loads of success for their future! 

P.S :- One of our many objectives is to promote the budding stalwarts in our society, regardless of any field! If you come across some similar remarkable organisation or person, try to document his stories, we would be more than obliged to publicise him/her! Your simple assist might just act as a much necessary boost for a creative mind! Thanking you in advance!

About the author :-

A student of English literature from St. Xavier's college, Kolkata, Eva R.Sachdeva is called "The Powerhouse" by many at the ExPRESS family! And true to her nickname, this aspiring Journalist and PR officer's enthusiasm and dedication is barely rivalled by anyone in our organisation! 

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