24 March 2016

Kapoor & Sons :- Family Drama at its best

There are two kinds of audience that bought the ticket for this movie. 1st – The majority of the audience who were really intrigued by the “(marketed) lead” trio , and  2nd – the minority which chose this movie because they had seen how an Indian director can  legitimately give a Hollywood movie a golden touch. And  by the end of the movie, the former agrees with the latter and claps their way out while the screen flashes (with pride), the name of Shakun Batra.

A scene from Kapoor & Sons

Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu changed, or maybe opened the way a movie is adapted. It’s not always about increasing the figures in one’s bank account, but at times, to elevate the standard. Shakun is a modern architect of an old-age art called unspoken emotions in an oh-so-casual situation. Thank you Karan Johar for giving the industry a gem! Going straight to the pitch from the pavilion (blame the #WT20 fever), Kapoor & Sons is neither an amazing movie nor an experience. It’s a mirror, a special kind of it that strips one down before their own eyes, that dilutes the fabric one is forcing upon the body to hide the scars, the imperfections within. It also marks the moves which  one performs to perfectly fit into the Happy frame. At the end, it showcases the flaws, the flaws of how abominable an actor is , and how desperate one can get !

If the paragraph given above doesn’t make sense, let’s just say that Kapoor & Son revives the old Bollywood recipe of family + emotions in such an adaptable manner, you’ll start missing the flavor in your food you never had actually.

The movie is like a theatre that simply (read transparently) decapitates or conveys what it wants to. One needs to be real, more than what one calls being intellectual. For instance, there’s a scene where Fawad & Siddharth sleep on their bed, together & drunk. In this scene, more than their dialogues (though important), what makes more sense is the atmosphere created. The surrounding speaks for itself. The ones who stay out, may even shed tears, feeling the urge to sleep in their own beds far back at home, in which they grew up. It is then that it dawns upon you, that cool tags like wanderlust and exploration are so vague when compared to home & family put together. What home means and what homesickness is, is expressed so well that one gets goosebumps. Happiness lies within us and we suffer because we force ourselves to move out to find it.

Veteran actor Ratna Pathak at a press conference

Talking about the actors, method acting veterans Ratna Pathak & Rajat Kapoor have made a habit to outstand every act they are signed for. What is commendable here is Rishi Kapoor’s performance. While the phrase “getting better with age, just like wine!” suits him, it simultaneously re-defines the phrase too. When wine is preserved, it gets better and develops a natural taste . Neither preservatives nor any personal demand comes in. Rather any person with a varied taste choice applauds while tasting it. This means that a wine doesn’t change it’s taste to please or woo someone, it’s done automatically. That’s what Rishi Kapoor is, simply, & naturally brilliant. The trio (Alia, Fawad & Siddharth) is good, yeah, they are good. It even proves that the script need not be drafted in the volume of the cheque drafted for the same concern.

Watch Kapoor & Sons to make the child, parent, sibling or whatsoever wake up. It’s brilliant, so simply brilliant, you don’t need a hi-fi vocabulary for it.

The original Kapoor!

While watching the promos of KAPOOR & SONS SINCE 1921, we all thought that Mr. Rishi Kapoor is there in the role of a dadu, but that role is merely a supportive one since the “trio” which had been doing most of the promotions seemed to overweigh the rest. But if you’ve watched the movie, or will do in future, it’s pretty challenging to say that after you walk back, nothing will hold on to you more than the character of “Dadu” does.

In a cast that has the fanciest of names like Fawad, Alia & Siddharth, accompanied with Method Actor veterans like Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah, the guy who stands out the most is the legendary veteran Mr. Rishi Kapoor.

The phrase “Getting better with age, just like wine” just strikes you and just  like wine, Chintu ji keeps his charm intact. He just sails into the horizon of excellence that will never end. Just like his nature, which comes out beautifully to fit into the character of such an adorable grandpa. His monologue will make you cry like his very own grandchildren. He’s a Kapoor, a legend who will shine more than anyone else can even light up. What all you need is eyes, to capture it.

Thank you, for Making us kid again. Thank you for teaching us the importance of a family.


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