17 March 2016

From Rags to Riches : Why Leicester deserve a perfect ending!

It is not often that one sees a real life transformation of the often quoted "rags to riches", "zeroes to heroes" scenario, far less in such a short period of time, but Leicester City, who have gone from the bottom of the table in February 2015, to 5 points clear at the top of premier league table, look like they are destined to achieve their seemingly improbable dream.

To start it off Leicester have been brilliant. Many critics would still argue such a compliment is not justified, but the fact is that Leicester have been so close to perfect this season, that just brilliant will be an understatement.

Shinzi Okazaki

They have accepted their financial limitations, with Shinzi Okazaki their costliest signing, and have instead focused on building a team which clicks so well, you could hear it from south of London. A team built on pace, Leicester have been drilled  on the dharma of counterattacking, and they do it perfectly. The blistering pace of Jamie Vardy, coupled with the breathtaking Riyad Mahrez, has seen Leicester plunder in goals, against seemingly impenetrable defenses. And not just the celebrated duo upfront, Leicester's success has been its entire team's proficiency in almost all the departments.

Vardy and Mahrez, the lethal Leicester duo

In goal, Kasper Schmeichel  has produced brilliant performances. while not perhaps yet at the level of his father, he is certainly taking steps in the right direction. Robert Huth and Wes Morgan have been solid at the heart of Leicester's defense. Both of them are in their 30s, and fast approaching the twilight of their careers and they are not likely to beat anyone for pace. But they have used their experience and footballing intelligence brilliantly, defending deep, containing forwards, and making timely challenges.

Kasper Schmeichel

In midfield Mark Albrighton, Danny Drinkwater and N'Golo Kante have been revelations. The three of them symbolize the well drilled, hardworking midfield of Leicester, holding excellent positions, tracking back efficiently, and putting excellent forward balls.

Much of Leicester's success can also be credited to the way they do things differently. While most teams love possession, Leicester stand 18th on the premier  league possession charts with just a 41% average, and have based their game on counterattacks. Most team can't justify playing with 2 strikers, Leicester do it day in and day out, and as a result they are at the top of the Premier League scoring charts with 52 goals, sharing the position with Manchester City. The difference between the teams is a whooping 220£ million.

Most teams hate long balls. Leicester pop them forward at every chance, and more often than not, Vardy gets there first.

It would have been a tiny minority who would have believed a few months back that Leicester had it in them to continue their unprecedented flight at the top of the World's most competitive League. But now it would be equally hard to find a critic who has not been, for the want of a better word, touched by the impossible dream of Leicester.

Not bogged down by expectations, the foxes have soared, defying odds and breaking expectations. and now with 9 games to go and a 5 point lead, the League is theirs to lose.

The finishing line is in sight, and maybe, just maybe, the foxes deserve their own fairy tale.

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A passionate football fan and a Manchester United follower for a decade, this dog lover and foodie has the ambition of becoming a doctor. With the motto of making "The World believe in the power of written Words", Debadrit Biswas knows how to wield his pen as effectively as his stethoscope! 

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