21 March 2016

Selfies, Selfies Everywhere!

A selfie is fast becoming a sign of a self-centered person.  

 It seems that Gen Y can think of only “I, Me & Myself”. Oh! Come on, you know how pretty you are. So why care about how many “Likes” you get for a particular selfie?  But then the next thought that comes to my mind is scowling faces and sneers. This is because if we don’t click a superb selfie of the pretty face and post it and get the highest number of likes, how will we make our other friends jealous? 

LET OTHERS BURN” is rapidly turning into our generation’s motto. But wait aren’t we missing something? Can’t we for once change the camera mode and close the shutter to capture the smiling face of an underprivileged child eating candy floss? Can’t we make other people burn at our awe-inspiring heart? No we can’t. Until we show people how much narcissistic we are, we don’t belong to this “AWESOME ME” generation. 

 The selfie culture is fast becoming an integral part of teenage life. As a result of this, sweet happy memories are getting lost. No one thinks of turning the pages of an old album to see what their old Labrador looked like when it was a puppy. Moreover, many talents are getting lost too. Earlier it used to be free time equals to library time or, drawing time but these days it has come down to free time equals to “Snapchat” time or “ Instagram” time. I know that quite many of my readers will be ranking me as primordial but I think that these little moments of bliss are fugacious. Just spare them a minute and keep them safe. The selfies and the selfie mode will always be there.  

All I want to say is, click Selfies but don’t turn it into an OBSESSION!


Rupkatha Mitra.is a student of Calcutta Girls' High School, studying in the 10th standard. Reading books, day-dreaming, speaking her mind through her writings are the only things she enjoys doing. She is also the youngest writer for EXPRESS MAGAZINE.

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