13 April 2016

9 facts you should know about the Thespo

Formed in 1999, the Thespo is an youth theatre movement that caters to aspiring theatre groups with members under the age of 25, in Mumbai.

Throughout its 17 editions, the Thespo has nurtured home grown Indian thespian talents. Many notable theatricians and actors have emerged from the Thespo! 

"Ayushman Khurana at Deal or No deal"
In a popular TV show, Deal Or No Deal, aired on &Tv, Ayushmann Khurrana had mentioned ,"I'm really glad that I could come to support thespo and the theatre in India because whatever I am today, I owe it to theatre. That's where I started my career and gained whatever skills I have today."

Back when it began, in its baby stages, Thespo was just a one act play festival.

Scenes from a play staged at the "Thespo"

The core belief of the entire festival is to promote, recognise and showcase the best of Indian youth theatre in the country! Getting through the thousands of participants applying from all over the country, and achieving the chance of participating with the best of the country, is the biggest aspiration, a young group of Indian thespians can have at this moment! 

Scenes from the Thespo

Due to its sky-high popularity and acclaim, the Thespo has now become an all year round activity! From organising free workshops to offering training opportunities, the Thespo has culminated in the best of the theatrical activity in the country! 

One of Thespo's most inspirational and success stories, Karl Alphonso, who emerged from this festival, is now the stage manager of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in the United States Of America! 

Israeli director, Gil Alon, and British director, Sophie Larsmon  have been some of the notable personalities who have conducted workshops at the Thespo!

The Thespo's venue has been the Mecca of the Indian theatre, Prithvi theatre, since 2008! Since then Prithvi and Thespo have had their own love story in promoting sheer talent throughout the country!

Team Thespo

Not just restricted to the domestic level, The Thespo has had regular entries from the international market from other countries like  Italy and Pakistan.

Two such plays, "The E.Q" presented by AmyGo productions (on the 28th of April from 6:30pm) and "With Love Calcutta" performed by our very own Mad About Drama (on the 27th of April from 6pm) who had made it to the country's biggest youth theatrical platform, are coming to city at the University Institute Hall, beside Presidency University! Two productions of a massive and prominent magnitude are coming to your city, Kolkata in a couple of weeks! "With Love Calcutta" was in the Prithvi hall of fame for a year, while "The E.Q" bagged the best writer and the best supporting actress award in the Thespo 2015. 

"With Love Calcutta" at Prithvi Theatre

                          " WITH LOVE CALCUTTA : MOMENTS FROM PRITHVI"


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Article by :- Anubhav Chakraborty.

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