25 April 2016

10 Reasons why you should watch The National Theatre Exchange

This Wednesday and Thursday, Kolkata is about to witness a tryst with theatre like never before. Two renowned plays – one from the ex-cultural capital of the country and another from the city of dreams, one about the contradictions and another about “his” story. Needless to say the accolades speak itself for the excellence of the productions, but besides those here are ten more reasons for you not to miss out on the upcoming National Theatre Exchange by Mad About Drama. :-

1. A perfect blending in of two cultures.

Their cliched love for Vada-Paw, our stereotyped Rosogolla and Misti Doi. Their rightist affections, and the leftism embedded in us. Meagre stereotypes maybe? But in large, the exchange brings to you the Mumbaikar and Calcuttan culture in an enjoyable way!

2.       A perfect rendezvous to beat the heat.

As the heat gets unbearable, so does staying home all the time especially after finishing our favourite binge watching. So why not attend The National Theatre Exchange with unlimited scope of entertainment and getting away from the harshness of the scorching heat, at a place which is certainly the best auditorium of this city with an infrastructure to compete with the best of India.

3.      Einstein exploring his EQ.

His I.Q, has been a matter of mystery and awe for his numerous followers during his existence and even decades after his death. Einstein's Emotional Quotient on the other hand has been overshadowed because of it. It's time you explore that too, isn't a break from the E = MC^2 attractive?

4.       Love, Calcutta and with whom?

Your love, this city but who is your object of affection? The one who friend-zoned or the one with a boyfriend! Who cares you can always ask someone to join you for a good theatre performance.

5.       Because finally tissues will come handy.

For the ones who think they did not cry enough after watching fan, here is another opportunity for one and all. With love, Calcutta will manage to trigger all emotions in you and you can finally cry to your heart’s content.

6.       Exams will turn out exactly how they always do.

If you think not coming for this will help you focus on exam, well you know the answer already. So ease yourself up a little and let your mind be refreshed just before your exams

7.       Bombay needs to know how "MAD" (READ, M.A.D, mad about drama) Kolkata is!

What do you do when a drama troupe comes down from Bombay to stage their play for the people of Kolkata? Well you show them why they are staging it! So bring out all the Bengali spirit and encourage what you love the most.

8.    Learning about goodbyes!

As a very young group of people The Third Mask stage Au Revoir, the ones not familiar with the French will finally know more about it as the story unfolds. So knowing a little about goodbyes will help you bid farewell to those unwanted exes and nosy relatives.

9.     Getting to know new avenues?

Our favourite venue for bad coffee, lovely ambience,
endless cigarettes and political debates.

For the ones who have never been to University Institute Hall before will have a nice walk across college street as they figure out their way to their destination.  Also with The Indian Coffee house at a distance of two minutes and Paramount juice shop just beside, you know exactly where to quench your thirst just before the shows begin.

10.    Because you do not have anything better at hand…

Don’t let it be a boring Wednesday or a throwback Thursday, do something new and make your life a pepped up one as you become a part of one of the biggest events in Kolkata.

So now you know why it is so essential for you to go to University Institute Hall on the 27th and 28th of April and be a part of The National Theatre Exchange. See you all!

Article by Shramana Chakraborty, English Honours, Freshman, Rani Birla Girls College.

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