8 April 2016


Since the time I have gained consciousness about the outer world, a question has continued to pester me. The answer is still unavailable but in my vision I have found a solution to it. You must be thinking what is the damn question that I have been pondering about. So, here my friends, I present to you the biggest question that almost every individual at one point of his life always wonders about -


Now, after reading this you might think of flipping through the pages, thinking I am going to give a massive lecture on terrorism and its aftermath. But wait, don’t misunderstand me. I have something else in store for you.

Today in the world everything comes down to either politics or religion. Even if you wear a shirt or dress of a specific color you are labelled. Politics, according to me, is a cause of terrorism which can’t be uprooted. But the other kind can be stopped or atleast prevented to a limit.

Few days ago, I had been reading about Percy Bysshe Shelley, the great Romantic poet and his famous work “ The Necessity of Atheism “ and how he was rusticated from Oxford due to this work. The vehemence with which he opposed every force including the pressure from his own family and did not stop the publication of this work, greatly inspired me. It made me think of our condition in the present society.

Almost every individual in our society has become so narrow-minded that it is very difficult to broaden one’s perspective. In pre-Independence India, every Indian had become aware of their need for independence and thus they rose above the petty rivalries related to religion. This gave rise to a massive front against the Britishers. No man or woman recognised themselves by their religion. Their only identity was “INDIAN”.

Speaking about a more relevant issue, let’s talk about the universally dreaded name- ISIS ( ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND SYRIA ). There is not a single individual in this whole world who is not aware of this name - the other name for TERROR. They recognise themselves as a part of the so-called “Islamic State” but the irony is that they go about killing people of all faiths including Muslims. Such people can’t be termed as religious fanatics. These are inhuman people who don’t care about anything or anyone - their sole aim is to spread hatred and ignorance among the people. It is because of people like them that a particular religion is thoroughly misjudged and criticised. Even political parties tend to misuse religion for gaining votes and a seat in the Centre or State.

Now, after discussing about this problem at length, I seem to realise that if the cause of all this tension and anxiety is religion itself, then people must try to take an alternative path by following Atheism. It’s the sole way through which this kind of terrorism, in the name of religious fanaticism, can be stopped in the world. Hypothetically speaking, if all people stop following their religion and start treating every human as their own friend then only this devastating war that is raging in the world today can be stopped. Therefore, I implore to all my readers to think about this matter and also ask the above mentioned question to themselves and their near and dear ones for finding a solution to this problem. I believe that it can only be through a joint venture that we, as the future generation, will be able to stop this catastrophe.


ANUMITA MUKHERJEE IS A 1ST YEAR ENGLISH HONOURS OF ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE KOLKATA. She is a dreamer and a well wisher of all creatures, likes to read novels and write about various issues.

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