6 April 2016

Ki & Ka’s kuchoombar

 It was Valentine’s Day last year when Balki’s 'Shamitabh' was released on the large screen with a full house show. On the day when every couple was busy in their dim-light romance, a lost soul found enlightenment in his cinema. India’s one of the biggest  ad-man, Balki had yet again delivered something which upheld his reputation and delivered an experience more than what the promotions promised (Strange isn't it?). With every movie of his, just like his ad campaigns, he has kept the bar high, but remember, there are dry days too.

Balki’s work on yet another social stigma, the most mainstream till date, the gender equalization debate was promoted as a promising young entertainer (forgiving Kareena’s real age). This was for the 1st time that Balki had stepped into the pure commercial cinema with the young and khandaani film stars as his lead. All that was expected from him was a freshly baked cake on the already heated stove and the already known recipe.

Director R.Balki with the lead couple

What Balki delivered us (apart from the epitome of disappointment) was a half baked cake with a confused recipe from the chef’s side served in a beddable cutlery which sadly leaves behind a taste which one will never be able to taste.

Confused? So were we, just like Balki. Ki & Ka is the most confusing, (NOT COMPLEX), writing of Balki till date. The man who crafted cults with the simplest and micro-emotions failed to repeat the same on a platform that was his biggest, till date. It felt like a freelance sketcher who did wonders with his notebook sketches but failed to paint when provided with canvas & colors.

Despite the overdone raunchy scenes, the chemistry never sparks up

The concepts are as messed up as the prejudices here. The idea attracts us but there is no logic to support it. Neither does one see the lust for success in Kareena’s eye, nor any pain or emotion in Arjun’s to become a homemaker (dictated as a wife). But surprisingly the latter did a better job before the camera when called to act. Kareena looked beautiful, amazingly gorgeous. She tried her best to beat the age and marriage tags with those unnecessary lovemaking scenes but failed desperately to give even one adorable take. Looks like Balki bowed down to someone’s stardom. The only thing Kareena can compete for is Yami Gautam’s 5 crore fairness challenge!

The cutest thing that the movie has is the cameo which features Mr. & Mrs. Bachchan!

For equating gender, you can’t give an example of one in a trillion couple, that too in Doubt. It could have been a good rom-com had it tried not to be so intellectual. One never equates the inferior person by making the superior stand down. Exceptions can’t be examples in a practical world. One doesn’t disagree unless one forces us to agree. Balki’s "Puling & Striling" ends up as a joke on its own. Watch it at the cost of irritation, unless you are an old age outdated soap watching aunty who’s gonna be crazy for this movie!

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