30 November 2015


In terms of technology, the world is developing at a faster pace. We all have pretty much moulded ourselves to adapt to the new ‘e-world’. No, of course no criticism can be made in the regard of how advantageous the online processes have proved to be, in all aspects from e-shopping to e-wallet! Long gone are the days when we would actually feel the ungovernable excitement to ‘go out for shopping’, instead of sitting at home, and shop through the connectivity of multi-screens. On one side we cannot restrain ourselves from the easiness of the ‘e-world’, the relief from the crowd-fighting ambience, saving up the disbursing transport fare and the time and labor, phew! That’s a lot shedding of burden . Despite all these comfort zones, the heart is somewhere still latched to the footpaths of New Market . Oh! come on! I mean, Myntra provides way better fancy products, but where’s the fun in bargaining on the fixed prices? Have you seen the new collection arrived in one of the shops in Deshopriyo park? Nowadays it’s  more about knowing online sites than the nooks and corners of your own city which provide more arresting products. There lies an elusive warmth in building up a humanitarian relation with a mere shopkeeper. Tell me, how much pleasure can a machine bring in that case? Talking of discounts, no that cannot be debated on, but somewhere I don’t feel, clicking on the “Buy Now” button on a discounted item can offer even half the self-satisfaction that comes along with scrutinizing every angle and purchasing rather than purchasing and scrutinizing. 

India has witnessed majority shopaholics being inclined towards online shopping in the past two years. Once upon a time when friends gathered for the evening adda at tea stalls they proudly displayed the goods they have purchased that day. This hasn't changed much (well except that the tea stalls evolved into malls and cafes). What changed was the sentence that followed, whereas people used to say, “Guess how much the shopkeeper asked for it at first and guess how much I paid in the end?" Now they  are rather acquainted saying, "Guess who caught the Crazy Deal of the day and got X% discount with free delivery?". One cannot be blatantly judged better than the other. Both have their places and both come to use in their specific times. But the online shopping game does bring with it the question "How far are we dependent on our phones?" with most seasonal and festive shopping now being done online who knows what else will join the rat race to enter the 'Cloud Age'.  Till now the digital shops and their physical counterparts have existed peace , but how long until one decides to do away with the other ?

About The Author:

Shreya Basak, first year student pursuing Journalism and Mass communication in Shri Shikshayatan College . Dance is her passion and life is a stage to her .

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