30 November 2015

Blaze in a Blazer

Winter outfit often has less to do with not having the right items, and more to do with knowing how to put them together.  From adding a strategic belt to your winter coat to wearing that perfect scarf - the options are endless. With the unpredictable weather, we're inclined to discuss how to deal when the world is saying "wear sweaters" but the thermostat is saying "wear shorts".

If you want to add a polished touch to any outfit, then you better finish your look with a blazer. For a perfect easy casual look go for cute blazers in cool shades, unique details, cropped cuts or prints worn over your favourite top and stylish bottoms - midi skirt, jeans or wide legged trousers.

If you want a more preppy look then go for classy silhouettes with bright or dark colours. The classic office looks are simple and chic, but there is always a chance to try on design with modern edges and leather trims. Shopping for blazers is quite simple and fun - a good buy can be worn in several fashionable ways. Here are some ideas :

1. A checkered blazer worn atop abstract print silk blouse that is tucked in wide legged high waist burgundy trousers.

2. A classy black blazer can be worn with dark blue trousers. The silver shoes add a sophisticated touch to this smart look.

It can also be paired with printed trousers to add the right amount of quirk.

3. This look is very urban and is street style inspired. We see a party appropriate embellished blazer worn atop printed tops and styled with modern jeans.

The blazer can also be worn on a simple maxi dress or a midi dress for a casual look.

4. Invest in a beautiful skirt suit that is a great choice both for formal and casual wear.

5. Stripes never go old. A classic striped blazer can be teamed with a pastel pencil skirt and funky sunglass for a modern look.

6. Nothing is more feminine than floral prints - team it with solid colours so that the blaze stands out.

Abstract prints look great too.


Poojaa Mukherjee is a bookworm who loves dance, drama, drawing and clings onto quotes like treasure. A Romantic to the core, real foodie and passionate movie buff. Currently Studying English in Shri Shikshayatan.

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