1 June 2016

Reviewed: Juliet by Anne Fortier


"For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” 
                                                             -Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

 A weakness that most have towards this particular tragedy of star crossed lovers. But here the novel expands from that constricted plot of the Bard to a wider horizon where not only are we met with the Juliet of Shakespeare in a different light but also a modern day heroine who is the namesake.
Julie Jacobs, after the death of her beloved aunt is left with, surprisingly, nothing but an envelope, dictating her to journey to Italy, and a passport with her real name-Giulietta Tolomei.
So Julie a.k.a Giulietta before even arriving at her destination, Sienna, is met with truth that her family name, Tolomei, had a violent enmity with the Salimbeni.

Cover Illustration

Her beloved Aunt's directive leads her to the inheritance that would, hopefully, clear heavy debts. The disappointment happens when some books and a crucifix are the inheritance. But she soon delves into the book which presented her ancestor, Giulietta and her forbidden love, Romeo.
Now we can't forget Romeo! The enigmatic Romeo of both the Giulietta's is effective in creating the breathless dance of the forbidden love.
The double narrative of both of the characters Julie and Giulietta as the latter bravely fights her cursed faith while the former is focused on solving a mystery of her lineage.The enter lacing mode of these ladies and the magical words that the author used calls for appreciation.
I would say to definitely read the novel, to understand how faith and destiny works in life, to breath in the landscapes of dual time periods and lastly to feel the love that is undeniable.

Reviewed by- Saisaa Roy

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