18 February 2016

A Tale of Deception and Unrequited Passion : Calcutta 22

What happens when an amnesic gets lost in a strange city surrounded by strangers (?) he doesn't know? How does one get rewarded when he trusts someone blindly to get him out of his despondency while seeking solace? Dramatically Correct's second production "Calcutta 22" opened to a welcoming crowd at around 6pm at Gyan Manch, Kolkata on the 15th of February! 

Niloban Dutt and Navamita Chanda as "Ringo da" and "Raziya" from the right

The play starts with a crest-fallen amnesic narrating his story to a prostitute, Raziya, who mistook him as an interested customer, how he found a shelter in a tea stall and his interests in the detective who could help him out of his pathetic deluge of obliviousness! The kind-hearted Raziya accompanies the miserable man to his destination, where he is greeted by three students, Subhankar, Tusha and Sujay, who falsify themselves as the detectives apprentices in the hopes of making a break-through, and end up in naming the amnesic "Ringo da"! Apparently, we are also told by the owner of the tea-stall that the infamous Yusuf Bhai, a notorious goon, is also in search of the "amnesic"! While Sujay, a Physics Honours student advises his colleagues to not get tangled in this pernicious mess, Subhankar played by Ahan Ghosh gets incredibly intrigued by the complication of the scenario and also develops a romantic affection for Raziya! In the midst of romantic arousement, warm friendship and exciting complications, all hell break loose when Ringo Da is suddenly found murdered at Subhankar's place!

Ahan Ghosh as Subhankar in "Calcutta 22"

What follows is a tale of shocking chicanery and nail biting thrill! While Raziya's splendid performance as a victim of human trafficking reminds us of the sad demise of moral existence, her pleasant and warm temperament reminds some of the kind of hatred we inflict on the "social boycotts"! Sujay's sardonic character, pulled off magnificently by Rishabh Bhaumik, with his witty remarks manage to entertain the crowd for the entire length of the play! And although much more of a justice could have been done to the background score, it certainly doesn't overshadow the potential this young theater group comprising of VERY YOUNG theatricians possess! Creative, talented and exuberant here's wishing a lot of success to team Dramatically Correct, who have a long way to go!

ExPRESS Magazine representatives had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Dramatically Correct's actor and PR head Priyadarshini Mukherjee :-

 How did the world of theater appeal to you? 

The world of theater appealed to me from my middle school days when theater meant the annual concert stage production. I had met our other members like Nilloban and Rishabh at a theater workshop while I was in class 11 called Voices of Now. Ever since then we knew that if we stayed in the same city, we would try to make a group and perform. We met our founder Ahan, on the first day of college.

A scene from "Calcutta 22"

 A group comprising of newbies and youngsters, how tough has it been? 

It is very difficult. But our love for theater is what solves every disagreement and demolishes every obstacle. Because we all know that at the end of the day, it is the love for theater and the performing arts that binds us together and that makes us a team.

 How would you like to make your mark among the other theater groups in this city? 

We would like to learn from them and keep trying till we succeed and leaving the audience fully content when they leave the auditorium after our performance gets over. We believe that the magic of theater, if once felt by the audience, will leave them spellbound and young or old - every thespian will agree.

Rishabh Bhaumik as "Sujay"

Would you like to mention anyone in particular who has contributed a lot to your journey till now?

Ahan's grandfather, Mr. Asir Kumar Mitra and our parents. Seniors in the circuit too, have always been very supportive by critiquing us and encouraging us. Mr. Rana Basu Thakur has always been there to give us his views on our shows. Our professors in college are very supportive of our endeavour. What else would one want?

What is the next production up your sleeve? 

That is something which we haven't thought of as of yet. However, we are thinking.

Ahan Ghosh as "Subhankar" and Poroma Roy as "Tusha" 

 The contemporary youth are losing their interest in theatres, would you like to differ? If not, how would u think they'll be allured back ? 

They'll be allured back by watching  all kinds of theatre. They have to watch theatre. The myth around theatre being an art form which is not supposed to be understood by people who don't consider themselves as intellectuals has to be broken.

Not even an year old and already a couple of successful shows! Where do you want to head to, from here?

We want to take bigger strides and deliver better performances. And in the process, learn, grow and entertain our audience so that they keep coming back to watch our shows.

Team Dramatically Correct


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