13 January 2016

Lost Heaven

I had a home                           
There in the vale
Under the blue sky
Where the birds flew high
And green all around
Brooks running down
From mountain slopes
Merrily frisking away
Onto the serene lake,
Reflecting the Eternal Trinity
In the ecstasy of sunlight
And moonlit night!

That was my home! My cosy home!
Brimming with unending joy
The inmates held by bond of love and trust
And faith in God and Man,
Despised hate-
Of man by man, faith by faith,
Not swayed by fallacies of
Caste, creed or colour.

I hade a home
There in the vale
A storm swept it away.
An upheaval wrought by brutes
Greed and hate possessed by inmates
They have lost the feeling of love
Which made them share
Mutual joys and pains.
Now enemies within destroyed the home.
My home I cherish to behold
In my dreams today.

About the Author :- 

A bookworm who loves dance, drama, drawing and clings onto quotes like treasure. A Romantic to the core, a real foodie and a passionate movie buff, Poojaa Mukherjee is currently Studying English in Shri Shikshayatan. Some of her other articles are as follows :- 

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